Group Name

Group Members

Activity 1: Identify and Describe the Marketing Mix
  • User PowerPoint to create marketing mix explanation
  • Save As .jpg file
  • Upload image of Marketing Mix graphic representation

Activity 2: Description of Target Market
  • Paragraph Summary - 1 paragraph per question
    • Define the target market.
    • Explain why the cereal appeals to this target market
    • Define the habits of the target market in how it relates to the marketing of the cereal
  • Answer the following quesitons by gathering research
    • Where do the customers shop?
    • What type of media do they view/read? How much? When? Where
    • What are their eating habits?
    • What is the target markets lifestyle?

Resources - Works Cited
  • use
  • Cite all sources used: web sites AND images
  • If citing images use the full link