Invented in 1861 by Dr. James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts. It was Invented because there was a need for an indoor sport because of the cold winter months in Springfield, Massachusetts. The first game was played with two peach baskets for goals and a soccer ball, the sport took off rapidly in 1893 and was played in the Olympics in 1936. Now there are 30 teams and two conferences of 15 teams.

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Basketball is an indoor sport that consists of two teams of usually ten or eleven players their are five players from each team on the court at all times. The court itself is usually 94ft by 50ft with a goal at either end that is 10ft tall with a rim that has a diameter of 18in. Players try to get the ball into opposite goals. Basketball originated from a game James Naismith played as a child where he through rocks at a duck on a roof, trying to knock the duck off.


2-Point field goal - a shot made during play inside of the 3 point line
3-Point field goal - a shot made during play outside of the 3 point line
Free Throw - an unguarded shot awarded after a foul occurs counts as 1 point

Fouls - result in one to three free throws
Blocking - impending the progress of an opponent by putting one or both of your arms or getting in the way of the player.
Charging - running into a stationary player while moving with the ball
Hacking - hitting the arm or hand of the player holding the ball
Holding - when a player holds a person with or without the ball

Violations - result in change of possession with the team in bounding the ball from the opposing side line opposing where the violation occurred
Traveling - moving the ball without dribbling, after establishing a pivot foot
3-Second - an offensive player stands in the foul line for more than 3 seconds
Double Dribble - dribbling with both hands or stopping dribbling and then starting again

Air ball- a shot that completely misses the rim and the backboard
Assist- a pass to a teammate who then scores a field goal.
Defense- team trying to stop the other team from scoring
Dunk- to throw the ball down into the basket with the hand above the level of the rim
Fast break- dribbling or passing the ball towards your basket before the defense can set up
Man-to-man- a defensive strategy where everyone guards an assigned player
Offense- team trying to score
Turn over- any loss of the ball without a shot being taken\
Zone defense- a defensive strategy where everyone guards an area instead of a player (2-1-2, 2-3)


There is not a lot of equipment needed for basketball. At the very minimum you need a ball and a goal, but if you go up to professional levels you may also need special attire such as high-top shoes.


Boxing out- a player’s position between an opposing player and the basket to obtain a better rebounding position.
Dribbling- bouncing the ball with 1 hand using your fingertips instead of your palm so that it rebounds back to yourself (the only legal way to move with the ball)
Passing- moving the ball by throwing, bouncing, handing, or rolling it to another player (Chest, Bounce, Lob)Shooting- throwing the ball to make a basket
Pivoting- stepping once or more in any direction with the same foot while holding the other foot at its initial point.
Rebounding- The recovering of a shot that bounces off the backboard or the rim.

Key Points

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Some key points is the basketball is an indoor sport created for the cold new england months, it was created by James Naismith in Springfield, Connecticut, and some skills needed to play are boxing

out, dribbling, passing, pivoting, and rebounding.


This sport is played all around the world but mostly in the United States, Canada, China, Europe, and Japan. It is also played at the Winter Olympics.

Target Market

The target market of basketball I would say is everyone because it is a good sport to play in the winter because it is inside and it is a good way for athletes to stay fit in the winter months. It is also a good sport if you want have more endurance because it evolves a lot of running up and down the court.


Many people watch basketball because it one of the only sports that is televised and is usually a major sporting event at high schools and colleges. It is also played by people that do not have a lot of money because it does not require a lot of equipment like football.

Important Statistics and Facts

Some records include:
Most Points in a Game - 100 Wilt Chamberlain
Most Three Point Field Goals in a Game - Dennis Scott
Most Seasons Played - 21 Robert Parish
Most Seasons Leading League in Field Goals - 10 Michael Jordanexternal image Wilt-Chamberlain.jpg