The myth that Abner Doubleday invented baseball was believed and widely promoted. There was and is no evidence for this claim, except for the testimony of one man decades after the claim. Doubleday himself never made such a claim, he left many papers and letters, but they contain no description of baseball or even a suggestion that he considered himself a prominent person in the creation of baseball. He was never inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame, even though there was a large oil portrait of him displayed there for years. The first published rules of baseball were written in 1845 for a New York baseball team. The rules were written by Shane Ryley Foster, he is also commonly known as the father of baseball. On June 3rd, 1953 U.S. Congress officially credited Alexander Cartwright with the creation of baseball, and he is a member of the baseball Hall of Fame. However the role of Cartwright has been disputed. He said he created the rules of baseball even though he didn't, but Cartwright has a better claim to say he created baseball than any other person. Cartwright was a bookseller who went to find gold out in California, Cartwright umpired the first baseball game ever, he also founded the older of the two teams that day.

Baseball involves someone hitting a thrown baseball and seeing how far they can run on the bases before the ball is thrown to the cutoff man or baseman. The game is played by two teams the one hitting the other is fielding. When the team that is hitting gets three outs they return to the dugout, get their gloves, and then become the fielders. The game will end when each team plays 9 innings and gets three outs in each inning. A player that gets 3 strikes returns to the dugout and is credited with a strikeout our an out. A player that gets 4 balls goes to 1st base and is credited with a walk and is not out, that is the same if a player gets hit by a pitch. A hitter that reaches 1st base safely is credited with a single, a hitter that reaches 2nd base safely is credited with a double, a hitter that that reaches 3rd base safely is credited with a triple, a hitter that reaches all the way home is credited with a home run. If a batted ball does not go past home plate it is a foul ball and it is a strike, unless its a 2 strike count. A bunted ball that goes foul with strikes is a strikeout. A flyout is a when a batter hits a ball into the air and is caught by a fielder. A Groundout is when a batter hits a fair ball to the infield and before the batter reaches 1st base the fielder throws to the 1st base. A forceout is when a runner is required to try to advance a base. A tagout is when a runner is touched by a fielder with the ball in the fielders glove, while the runner is not on a base. when the fielders record 2 out on the same play it is called a triple play, when the fielders record 3 out on the same play it is called a triple play. A ball is called when the pitcher throws a pitch that is outside the strike zone provided the batter does not swing at it. Runners may also attempt to advance a base while the pitcher is in the process of delivering the pitch to the catcher, this move is called a stolen base.

Necessary equipment for baseball are cleats, helmet, for catchers it catchers gears and pads, for fielders its gloves.

Skills to play baseball
The skills you need to play baseball are you need good vision to see the ball, you need good hand eye coordination to be able to hit the ball that is thrown very fast. You need to be able to catch sharp grounders that are fielded to you, and if you get hit by a pitch you need to be able to handle it. You need to have speed for running the bases, you need to be able to catch when there are fly balls, and you need to be able to dive for balls that are hit far away from you. You need to be able to slide when you are trying to score or get to a base. If you are a pitcher you need to know how to throw a variety of pitches to confuse the batter, and you need to get the ball to where the batter is worst at hitting at. When a ball is where you are best at hitting you need to swing.

People who watch baseball are the fans of that team or really love baseball. People that play baseball are talented enough tp play and have the skills necessary to play it.

Target Market
The target market for baseball are they have their profit generators stand out, which means they advertise, they show commercials on who sponsors them like Nike, Bud Light, Mlb Shop.com, they sell things like jerseys, tickets, they include advertisements, which means they show commercials, and they target locally, which means target one certain generation to buy their products, like the St Louis Cardinals team website includes detailed information about the Cardinals games ticket purchasing for Busch stadium games, and auctions for Cardinals related baseball memorabilia.

Baseball labor disputes has hurt the game badly. High ticket prices and a bitter strike has left fan disgusted with the game. But most baseball players are married, and over 50% of the players come from another country. The country that has the most players in baseball are the Dominican Republic and Panama. The age range for baseball are 25 years old to 34 years old. The lowest income a baseball players con receive now is $350, 000. The highest paid player in the game is Alex Rodriguez at 28.95 million dollars.

Important stats about baseball are that it makes more money for players than any other sport. And when the players retire they become usually promoters for another product.
Most Strikeouts in a game 20 by Roger Clemens twice and Randy Johnson
Most No Hitters in a career 7 by Nolan Ryan
Most Home Runs in a game 4 by 13 different people
Most Home Runs in a season 73 by Barry Bonds
Most Home runs in a career 762 by Barry Bonds
Most hits in a career 4256 by Pete Rose

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