Important questions-
List and Describe the steps involved in developing effective advertising.
Describe the use of product placement.

tagline- the theme of an ad
media strategy- Choosing the media that will bring the most effective advertising message to the targeted consumer
reach- The number of the people in the target market expected to receive the message through the chosen medium
wear out- Occurs when advertising loses its effectiveness due to overexposure or poor message quality
frequency- Number of times the targeted costumer is exposed to the media


  • advertising plays a strong role in a free enterprise system
  • advertising promotes competition and innovation
  • advertising informs consumers about new products and services and helps consumers make comparisons among alternatives

Step by Step
  • when sports and entertainment organizations collaborate with sponsors that advertise before and during a game or event is called a partnership add.
  • Here are the following steps in the advertising process
  1. Set a measurable advertising goal.
    • A company must decide what it wants to accomplish by advertising and how it will know that the goal has been met.
    • The Goal must be specific enough to be measurable so that ad effectiveness can be determined.
  2. Develop the advertising budget.
    • Marginal analysis is a technique of setting the advertising budget.
    • Spending on advertising will continue until the marginal benefit is no longer greater than the marginal cost.
    • The fix sum per unit method determines the advertising budget based directly on the expected number of units to be sold
  3. Create an advertising theme.
    • The theme of an ad is also known as the tagline.
    • Usually a slogan that conveys the main message of the ad.
  4. Choose the advertising media.
    • The main forms of advertising media are Print, Broadcast/Cable, and Internet
    • Types of advertising are in-home and out-of-home.

  5. Create the message.
    • Make the consumers want to buy your product.
    • Make sure you know what age group of consumers you are targeting.
  6. Develop an advertising schedule.

Measures the effectiveness of the advertising.