Lesson 3.3

Lesson Essential Questions:
  1. How do travel and tourism play a role in sports and entertainment? - They bring in customers that will spend money on products/ or services at that particular event.
  2. What is the mission of travel trade? - It is to keep the customers happy and busy on the trip as well as to make a profit.
  3. How do resorts and theme parks play a role in entertainment? - They keep customers happy while being entertained and spending money.
  4. Why might a theme park add restaurants and lodging to the site? - They may add those so guests will stay and spend money longer.
Destinations: Travel and Tourism

  • Explain the role of travel and tourism in sports and entertainment.
  • Discuss the roles of resorts and theme parks. - They are designed to attract tourists which then leads to the companies making a profit. Resorts are aimed towards adults and theme parks are aimed more towards children.
  • tourism
  • direct economic impact
  • indirect economic impact
  • niche travel
  • ecotourism
Opening Act
Discuss the drawbacks of owning a business that caters to a very narrow group of people. If the hotel had a more general appeal, do you think it would attract more or fewer guests? Explain your answer. - The drawbacks would be that there are a lot of people that would not be interested in that business. If it was more general, I think it would attract more guests because there are more people interested in it.
  • The travel industry is the world's largest industry.
  • Tourism is traveling for pleasure, either independently or with a group.
Attracting Tourists-
  • Cities or locations often want to host important events our house interesting things in order to attract tourists, which leads to profit for the city.
  • Direct economic impact is the total of new spending resulting from the event or attraction.
  • Indirect economic impact is the portion of the money spent by visitors on local goods and services that is in turn spent locally by employers and employees.
Tailor-Made Vacations-
  • Vacations are often designed with a specific interest in mind.
  • Niche travel is recreational travel or tours planned around a special interest.
  • Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well being of the local people.
Halls of Fame-
  • Attracting visitors is vital to keep halls of fame alive. Some halls offer attraction packages
Resorts and Theme Parks-
  • Resorts and theme parks are very popular tourist destinations. Theme parks are mainly aimed towards children and resorts are more for adults.
Theme Park Central-
  • Orlando, Florida Is an extremely popular vacation site. According to the Orlando convention and visitors bureau, About 47 million are Domestic visitors, or U.S. tourists. Theme Parks in other countries must also use promotional plans to attract visitors.
Understanding Marketing Concepts
1. Tourism
A. Is the world's largest industry
B. Is the world's tenth largest industry
C. Has little impact on the world's economy
D. None of the above

2. The indirect economic impact of a tourist event or attraction to the local economy is
A. The total of new spending that is a direct result of the attraction or event
B. The cost of operating the event or attraction
C. Determined by the multiplier effect
D. All of the above