How can a sports figure be successful in the motivational lecture circuit and the publishing industry?
A sports figure can be successful in the motivational lecture circuit and the publishing industry by being an interesting person with an interesting story, charging the right amount of money for their work, and by being a nice person overall.

Why do athletes and celebrities choose to write books?
For the extra $$$. To get their story across. To inspire young ones all around the world.

How are camps and clinics different?
Camps can last for weeks at a time - clinics are shorter, usually only a day or two in length.

What is the purpose of promotion methods used for sports camps and clinics?
To get the camp out there. Publicity.

Opening Act:

A book in the library written by an entertainment figure would be "Out of Sync" by Lance Bass. I would want to read it because I was interested in NSYNC as a child, and he was my favorite member. His story interests me.

Chapter Outline:

Successful Speaking
Public speakers need good communication skills and well written speeches. A message that the audience is interested hearing about time and time again. Public speaking is big in the sports industry, and training for it can be as vigorous as the big game.

All American Speakers Bureau is an agency that books sports figures celebrities and speakers to give speeches. They charge 5,000 to 50,000 dollars. They really like stories about failures, triumphs and lessons learned. Or they like stories of rags-to-riches entertainers. Books written by sports and celebrities can sometimes set off a national publicity tour. Many sports and celebrities don’t actually write their books they tell their story to a ghost writer then they sell it to a paper for a fee. A literary agent plans the marketing campaign and personal appearances for a book and celebrity.

Sponsorships are critical to marketing events and products - a sponsor helps bring in money by associating their name with a product.

Camp Expectations
Location is an important aspect of any camp, as are the standards of the camp. Parents and campers need to determine if the camp will meet their expectations or not.

Clinics are not held for as long as camps are, and usually only focus on a specific subject. Such as batting, if it was a baseball clinic.

Good Marketing Equals Success
Camps need to have good staff in order to continue running.

Marketers and promoters need to get the word out, using a variety of media. TV and Radio ads, giveaways, interviews, and a public appearance by the celeb endorsing the camp.

Ongoing Promotions
Organizers of the camps work with public relations (PR) people to get good words out about the camp. Follow up materials help as well.

Camps and clinics sometimes fail due to bad advertising. Marketers need to conduct research so that the camps will be a success. Including Newsprint, Magazines and E-Zines, and Mailings and Brochures.


1. Motivational speakers may need the services of
a. a speechwriter
b. a speaking coach
c. an agent
d. all of the above

2. Once camps are in session, public relations professionals should do all of the following except:
a. ensure that articles about the camp and its campers make the local newspapers.
b. collect inspiring quotes from campers to use in new brochures.
c. hire photographers to take pictures for next year’s ads.
d. nothing, they have done their job once the camps are in session.

3. Basketball coach Rick Pitino uses “TEAM” as his speech acronym, standing for Together Each Accomplishes More. Come up with your own acronym for developing a speech. Explain what each letter of your own acronym represents and how it could help you to organize your speech.

4. List three good locations for a sports camp. Explain which sports these locations are suited for and why. Also, suggest suitable sponsors for each of the camps and explain your choices.

1.The ones who hit the hardest
2.Scoreboard Baby
3.DA Bears
4.Mentor:Tony dungy
5.Badasses-John Madden