1. Goals
Define Publicity and explain its role in creating a positive public image.Publicity is a very useful promotional tool that uses extensive mention in the news media or by word of mouth or other means of communication. It can be used in creating a positive image because it can enhance the good traits of a individual or organization. It can also create goodwill.
Describe various types of sales promotions.
´╗┐Some sales promotions are Coupons, Rebates, Trade-In, Bogo Sales, and etc.

2. Terms


Goodwill- Customers' positive feelings about the business
Publicist- Person responsible for maintaining relations with the public and news media.
Grass-roots efforts- When an unknown person or event is propelled into a spotlight by the fans.

Viral campaign- A promotion where a few online mentions turn into a real buzz about a movie and propel it into a mega hit.

Public relations (PR)- The arm of promotion that tries to create a favorable public opinion for an individual or organization.

3. Opening Act
5 ways a professional sports league could do something positive for the community and make a connection with future fans and players.
1. The MLS could hold a camp for future soccer players.They could also promote good grades and higher learning. The MLS would receive a lot of publicity.
2. The MLB could sponsor a bat or glove company. This would give them a lot of publicity and help connect with future players.
3. The NFL could donate some of their proceeds to a "Growing Green" campaign or organization. The Philadelphia Eagles have already done this. This attracts many new customers and helps the environment at the same time.
4. The NHL could hold a hockey clinic. They could have some of their famous players help kids and teach them the game of hockey. This would give the children some role models and would help gain support for the sport.
5. The NBA could sponsor a cancer society. They could have some of their star players visit kids with cancer and hold fundraisers to gain money and spread publicity of the NBA.
4. Section Notes5. Intermission Questions
How is publicity different from other types of promotion?
-Publicity tries to create a positive opinion for an individual or organization.
List three consumer sales promotions.
-Consumer sales promotion, trade sales promotion, and employee sales promotion