The Purpose of Promotion

Promotional Goals- Promotion is to increase sale. Some promoters offer discounts that can help not only bring in the people that get the tickets or buy the items but the people that come along with them that don't get a discount.

Gaining New Fans - When you start loosing fans sometimes you have to find new ways to get them back. When tennis started loosing fans they created programs to bring it back and made more exciting match ups.

Advertising is the paid form of communication delivered by a product's maker. This is what draws the consumers in and make them interested in the product.

Publicity is unpaid media attention, be it negative or positive. Businesses try to keep a good public image through PR, promotions, and good actions with charities.

Sales Promotions are additional incentives offered to consumers in order to buy the product.
Examples include trial memberships and free offers. Giveaways are also included.

Personal Selling is face to face communication.
Personal Selling is direct and to the point.
Can obtain repeat customers.